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Save time and money. Keep organized.
Track everything. Be in control.

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Reduce stock taking time by over 50%.

No more manually tallying up stock counts or inputting data into excel one by one.
Just tap & swipe and your report is good to go.

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Negotiate better deals with suppliers.

With everything tracked - from purchases and receipts, to how often suppliers change their pricing, to exact stock consumption from sales, you can leverage more data to drive supplier discounts.

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Convenience at your fingertips.

From seeing stock levels in real time, to sending purchase orders to multiple suppliers all at once, Lime makes your job simpler and your life easier.

Stock levels

Features to help you save time, save money, and be in control.


Tap & Swipe Stock Taking

No more adding up stock counts manually or inputting data into excel files 1 by 1. Generate a report with one click at the end.


Real-Time Stock Levels

See stock levels in real time based on theoretical stock count. No more wondering how much stock you have left.


Automatic Variance Calculation

Calculates variance automatically. No more manually comparing stock count report and sales data.


Slow / Dead Stock Analysis

Easily identify dead or slow moving stock and flush them out of your inventory to free up capital.


Centralized Ordering

Send all your purchase orders to suppliers from one place. No more emailing, calling, whatsapping or faxing them 1 by 1.


Supplier Compliance

Keep track of how often suppliers change their pricing and how often they under deliver stock.

Open book


Define recipes for your menu items. See stock consumption based on sales data.

Bar chart


Visualize and make sense of all your data with trend charts and bar graphs.

One of World's 50 Best Bars

"As a bartender/bar owner, this software has saved me and my staff more than 50% of the time spent on stock taking."

Antonio Lai - Owner / Bartender

Most Recommended Michelin Star Steak House Restaurant in Hong Kong

"Lime Inventory has helped us reduce our inventory time from 5 hours to 1 hour!"

Suraj Malla - Bar Supervisor

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